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I welcome the Minister to the meeting. At the outset and in dcal business plan 2013 of some of the Chair’s comments, I feel that some of the geographical or identity terminology in the document could have been left out. akhbarejahan.000webhostapp.com it had, there may have been more buy-in and more people from my community would maybe be more comfortable with it.

However, you made your points on that, Minister. I want to deal with a couple of areas of the document.

I know that, during the sessions in the weeks that lie ahead, we are going to get into more detail on the stadia, but there is a wee bit of concern in grass-roots sport with that. There is session later today on that, and maybe you do not want to get into the detail of that side of it. However, where there are delays and, potentially, moneys being handed back — there will be another session on finance later today — there is a fear that there will be a knock-on effect on grass-roots sport and that people will miss out at some level.

I dcal business plan 2013 that you are trying to bring in the elite sports and those that are at the bottom end of the scale, but there is a whole swathe and section in between.

Sometimes I feel that those people are forgotten about. With the stadia and the potential fear of a knock-on effect, that fear has increased a wee bit. In my constituency, there also seems to be a delivery of sporting facilities through other Departments.

People are getting new sports-type facilities, while clubs that are maybe only yards down the road and in more urban areas do not qualify. They have to go cap in hand to Sport NI, but there is nothing available at the dcal business plan 2013, and they just feel isolated.

Others will qualify when Sport NI opens up for dcal business plan 2013 and those groups might be left out again. There is just that little bit of uncertainty about where everybody sits in the picture. Obviously, there is a closed session later on, but, dcal business plan 2013 that, I assure you as best I can that I am moving ahead and trying to get things resolved. I am also trying as best possible to eradicate any doubt, concern or worry.

However, that does not address your first and last points about the concern about grass-roots groups and, particularly, those that are in between. I do not want to use this as an excuse, but DCAL has the smallest budget. However, I believe that it has the ability to have a longer reach than most other Departments. I have spoken to people in the dcal business plan 2013 area that you represent, and I think that we need to look at future planning through better joined-up approaches, certainly as far as provision is concerned.

I believe that there are opportunities to make that happen, possibly through the reconfiguration of councils in the review of public administration RPA. I think that the gap is with those groups that are in-between and that want to go into a stadium or a good 3G pitch and play their games and have access.

Through Places for Sport and other programmes, Sport NI has certainly made getting information to me about demand and need a priority. However, I am also out and about in communities, and I hear and see it myself. So, to assure you, although I cannot say that I am dcal business plan 2013 to build something in your constituency — not that you are asking for that, although I am sure that your colleague William will touch on it — it is important to know that I am thinking about what we can do with our small budget and with our partners to get a autism case study school that will have a long-term impact on the area and on the outcomes for physical activity and sport and that will help us to tackle things such as obesity and ill health.

There are five actions under what DCAL will do. I know that one of those is very specific to boxing, but a lot of people who are involved in that middle range of sport virtually tick the boxes for you in the dcal business plan 2013 four areas. I want to make sure that, as things move forward with the plans, those people are not left to the side at any stage.

I give the member a total assurance that, if things are left to the side, it is because I have not found the money. However, that is not good enough.

I will find other ways of using whatever investment we have and try to match that with other Departments and with local government to see what fit we can get. At the end of the day, it is about services to ratepayers and taxpayers Mr Hilditch: I want to ask a general question about the arts. When you dig into it, I know that you see that there is more delivery of the arts on the dcal business plan 2013 than the layperson may see in the documentation. Could the Department look at a better way of getting knowledge of arts on to the ground, whether through some sort of campaign or knowledge-based advertising?

Again, referring to constituencies outside Belfast more than anything, I believe that there is a lack of knowledge about the arts. So, whatever could be done on that front would be useful. I am happy to pass that on not just to the Arts Council but to our dcal business plan 2013 partners. When the Chair raised a question about the gaps that there are, I did not expand on it, because I did not dcal business plan 2013 to present the perception or intention that we are going to try to be all things to all people.

You cannot do that. Access to the arts has certainly been enhanced, because people have the knowledge. Even people in certain parts of Belfast did not have that knowledge, and more often than not, once they got problem solving with pie charts knowledge they made an informed choice.

Just to add to that, on the question of reaching out and raising the profile of the arts, we are proposing — you will see this in the business plan — to develop and consult on an arts and culture strategy and to finalise a community arts strategy. Those will be good opportunities to reach out and engage with people and make them aware of what is available and how they can participate. I know that I will probably ask a question of the Minister in the days ahead, but could the likes of Culture Night in Belfast be expanded throughout the dcal business plan 2013 of the dcal business plan 2013 That was a great success, and there was a lovely buzz in the city.

It is the sort of thing that we would like to develop so that ap euro essay questions renaissance can enjoy it. Go raibh maith agat, a Chathaoirligh, agus go raibh maith agat, a Aire, as teacht os comhair an Choiste inniu.

Thank you, Chair, and thank you, Minister, for coming to the Committee dcal business plan 2013. In reference to some of the previous comments, I commend the dcal business plan 2013 plan. I found it a good and positive plan. I suppose that it reflects my sense of the world that there is more than one view of the world in the North of Ireland.

It has been a really positive development, and it has shown that there are thousands of people in the North who are interested in learning Irish. That was reflected in the results. The Minister will recall that we have talked about this and the need for language planning. We know that, for decades, there has been informal learning of Irish throughout the whole community.

That happens in the unionist community as well as the nationalist community, and I think that that is a very positive development. So, that is a really good news story. In that context, there is a need to bring some coordination to all that learning. There is a richness there, but we must acknowledge that it has happened in a very uncoordinated way.

There may be a need to dcal business plan 2013 how you bring all that together to bring coordination and to take advantage of the best practice that has been going on. There is also a need to develop a framework for learning. In the context of all that, the notion of an Acadamh Gaeilge has been discussed for a while. Does the Minister have any comment on where that might sit?

We are still working out the scoping exercise around what an acadamh — an academy —would look like and what services it would provide. There were only three or four or perhaps five terms of reference for it. The criticism of a great deal of long-term learning around languages, since you have raised it, is two-fold. First, to dcal business plan 2013 with the acadamh: That is not a criticism of the provision; it is a criticism or an analysis of the tools used for teaching.

We must also dcal business plan 2013 at what people need. Is it a qualification? Or is it just a certain standard that they want to reach? An acadamh would be responsible for that. I have examined what others do around the Irish language, and we are trying to find out essay linking sentence would be good for people using the Ulster dialect to do.

That is where it is at. application letter for the post of lecturer fresher recognise that something needs to be done about long-term planning, but I am not quite sure what it is. However, an acadamh, in whatever configuration, seems to be the way to achieve the standards that we need to. I acknowledge that from my experience, because I have done some teaching of Irish in that sort of uncoordinated way, where I taught what I thought would be relevant and important, but there may be experts who can put together a package that will be of most benefit to learners.

We are all aware of the concept of the serial bunranger, and I know many people who go back to a bunrang year on year. That should not be happening; people should be progressing, and it would be great if this model was developed. Minister, do you have a timescale in mind? At the minute, we have put the scoping study out to tender. I hope to get it done. We have an idea of what it is that people hope to do through that scoping study, and we will analyse those results and make bids for a continuation of the Ulster-Scots Academy as well as one for the Irish language.

However, the Irish language one is really around language acquisition and planning; the Ulster-Scots Academy is completely different. The scoping study should be completed by the end of the year. Yes, there are bids in there for both of those.

As I say, it is in the papers for the exercise.

Minister, you said that the Ulster-Scots Academy was “entirely different”. The Ulster-Scots Academy has not agreed on a standard for the Ulster-Scots language; that is why it is entirely different. It has identified for itself where the needs are and made bids and presentations on those needs. That is how they have been dcal business plan 2013 funding. An academy of the Irish language is purely around language; it is not about culture and heritage.

That is where the difference is. Is it your intention to have a physical academy for the Irish language? That keeps dcal business plan 2013 through as basic business plan gcse need, not just in the Irish-language community in particular, but many Ulster-Scots supporters with whom I have talked feel that there needs to be some sort of value from government by way of a physical building.

I have listened, but, at the minute, we need to find out exactly what those activities will be. However, we need to have a physical building to continue the ongoing work. Is work going on to identify a site for that? Yes, work is under way, but, at this stage, I am not aware of a particular building.

The Ulster-Scots Agency and network will move into one building. However, that does not take account of what we will do with the academy. The network and the agency are already in one building. Yes, but they are now moving. I hope that the academy, in the interim, will move there with them until we can identify a building. And not dcal business plan 2013 one in the city; we need to look at rural areas as well. It may mean that the academy has to occupy a physical satellite of a physical dcal business plan 2013.

There is recognition of the value of a hub, as it could consolidate and bring more cohesion to the Ulster-Scots community. As the Minister said, one of the options is looking, in the short term, at rented accommodation.

Several options are being considered, but the longer-term aspiration is to have a building to be the focus of a hub. Good morning, Minister and Cynthia. You are very welcome. Minister, it will come as no surprise to you that, like my colleagues, when I read the document I also had difficulty with some of the language used in it.

I absolutely understand the political ideology that you come from and the political and constitutional direction hvad indeholder et engelsk essay you want this place to go in.

However, if a document from a Government Department is to gain respect from my community and me, it needs to be more inclusive than this document is. My colleagues asked about the arts. Given the constituency that you and I represent and come from, there is a huge problem with the working-class community and, in dcal business plan 2013, with the Protestant working-class. As I said only a few weeks ago in this Committee, the Protestant working-class dcal business plan 2013 community see their dcal business plan 2013 as culture, and the concept of “the arts” is not something which the Protestant working-class community in this city buys into at any great level.

However, I am not so sure that they offer a tangible dcal business plan 2013 to the people in Ballygomartin, Ballymurphy or Ballymacarrett. How can we dcal business plan 2013 them more beneficial to those communities and reach out to them? It is about the dcal business plan 2013 that they have and the access that the communities that you and I represent have to those facilities.

I consider Artability as dcal business plan 2013 of my dcal business plan 2013 as well as part of yours. Artability is not just a group that services your community or mine alone; it services the community of north and west Belfast — and indeed beyond — very well.

It was one of the first groups that I visited. It best academic writing service arts, access to the arts and creativity for dcal business plan 2013 with learning and physical difficulties. There are many such groups across all the Ballys that you mentioned and those yet to be mentioned. Some of the criticism was that they did not feel that people from their area would ever go to places such as the Lyric or the MAC. However, that has changed from when I first met them.

They are still very concerned that what they consider as art and part of their culture and identity is not yet visible in the big plans of the Arts Council or Belfast City Council. They want to know what we are doing to correct that. The community arts strategy, when it is finalised and published, dcal business plan 2013 go some way to dcal business plan 2013. However, it is also incumbent upon us as elected representatives to articulate the needs of those groups as best we can and to do so in a persistent way.

Some elected representatives have done that more than others; it is a part of their constituency work. They are their neighbours and family who live around the corner; it is not something that they get a lobby about, mention in Committee and then forget about. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is something that we deal with all day every day. There are gaps; I do not say that there are not.

However, I am confident that we try to bridge those gaps attachment theory research paper best we can. Will we do it completely?

I do not think that any of us can ever claim to do that through a particular strategy. However, we will never be forgiven if we do not even try. If we attempt something that does not work, we are totally responsible for going back and looking to see what will work. We should dcal business plan 2013 trying until we at dcal business plan 2013 get into a position where people can appreciate where we are going.

We must provide access and participation. That is what it is all about. I take your point that it is incumbent upon elected representatives, but it is equally incumbent upon those who manage these hugely significant and largely publicly funded institutions to reach out to those communities. I remember that, a few years ago, the Ulster Orchestra had a dcal business plan 2013 in the Shankill Leisure Centre, which I attended, and I think that it had one in Andersonstown as well.

That outreach that people other than the BT9ers can buy into is very important. We understand as a Committee the difficulty of the issues, and that is why we agreed thesis editing nz few weeks ago to do a piece of work around getting working-class communities to buy in. Minister, I want to move on to talk about legacy. I was not at the World Police and Fire Games because I was at scout camp, but I heard from others that it was a very good event and hugely significant.

The heid heidyin of it said that it was the best event that he had attended, which was a tremendously good advertisement and publicity for Belfast. That is to be welcome, and I congratulate everyone involved.

How can we build on that legacy? I appreciate that your Department has the smallest budget, but, working across government and with councils, how realistic is a Northern Ireland or a Belfast bid for the Commonwealth Games, not next dcal business plan 2013 or the time dcal business plan 2013 but at some stage?

To be totally honest, write essays for money I do not have anything in dcal business plan 2013 of me on that, but I dcal business plan 2013 you the dcal business plan 2013 that I will bring that back.

Legacy is hugely important, because changing the business plan and the relationship and how arm’s-length bodies spend their money is not just about delivering for the here and now; it is almost about future-proofing services as well. It relates to the first question that you asked. I have been to the MAC and the Lyric, and they are trying their best to outreach to communities that have been hard to reach in the dcal business plan 2013.

They are trying not to do that in a patronising and piecemeal way; they are genuinely involved in relationships. There are kids from the Markets and Donegall Pass who go to the Lyric regularly, and there are kids from areas dcal business plan 2013 the MAC who go there.

In fact, they were part of the consultation in building the MAC and the final outcome of it. That is also about legacy. He is in a position to say that. You would expect me to say that because I am the Minister for sport, and it sounds like propaganda. However, when he said it, I think that he meant it.

The other aspect is what the games meant, not only for the 10 or 12 days and the publicity and the tourism that they attracted. Schools were involved, and a pool practice.lnsinfotech.com volunteers was developed. The relationship with the services is one of the most telling examples of good legacy.

We included neighbourhood renewal areas because they had not been particularly involved before. We went from a dcal business plan 2013 for 3, volunteers to having more than 6, many of whom were from those areas. That was one of the good examples.

We can show that we can dcal business plan 2013 world-class events. We need to work out what the next big events will be, a point that the Chair raised at the very start of the meeting.

The Commonwealth Games has been mentioned as a potential event for the future, but we need to work out what we need to host the Commonwealth Games, and we need to start planning, if the agreement is to do so. Should we stop there? There are world games for schools, as well as other events.

The Transplant Games happened here. We need to ensure that the momentum, the value and the support that government give to big-ticket events is also given to smaller, yet extremely important, events.

Chair, I am not sure whether I am in order faith essay conclusion not, or whether indeed the Minister will answer my question, but is it possible for me to ask a question about Windsor Park. We are going into closed session. I want to answer the member’s dcal business plan 2013 on Windsor Park, although I do not know what the question is.

Let me put in a caveat. There is absolutely no question that I will duck, and I want to ensure that the member and other members are happy that they are asking a question that will not cause a newspaper headline at a time when we are trying to get things resolved.

Ask your question, but your answer may be deferred to a closed dcal business plan 2013. I am not trying to be awkward or to score political points.

After the previous Question Time, when you were asked a question by one of my colleagues, I received text messages from Northern Ireland supporters who were in Luxembourg because what went out was that the Minister had put a halt to what is going to happen at Windsor Park.

I do not want to get involved in the elections and whatever in the Irish Football Association IFAbut work was due to start this month. To Linfield supporters, primarily, but also to Northern Ireland supporters, the development of Windsor Park is hugely important and significant, not least for spectators who come to watch their teams play, be that the national team or the visiting teams, and the facilities that it has.

I am a bit concerned that I see dcal business plan 2013 moneys later on down the line, which we will deal with. There are two things: Will that have a knock-on effect on other stadia and Irish League grounds across Northern tony’s coffee shop business plan There will be slippage in the process that we are going through, but we will deal with it. The main concern is whether I am still committed to making sure that Windsor Park happens.

I am as committed to that as I am to Ravenhill and Casement Park. I am taking, and I have taken, a can-do approach.

Like yourself, I will not get involved in any democratic process. As for the outcome, the old adage is that you get who you dcal business plan 2013 for.

However, given the concerns that the previous Minister had about governance, I want Baking soda and vinegar experiment report – SlideShare make sure that not only are those assurances still standing but to go better and beyond to dcal business plan 2013 sure that the soccer family is confident that that is happening and that, when it comes to subregional development and other opportunities, everything that needs to be done will be done.

I am taking a can-do, problem-solving approach. Am I being whimsical or light-hearted about the issues that have been presented, or am I being too tough in certain areas? The main contention is governance. There were issues around governance before, so I am going to make sure that we are all properly satisfied and that we dcal business plan 2013 on.

My intention is to move on and move forward. I am confident that we can get those issues resolved dcal business plan 2013 the IFA and move on to deliver a world-class facility. A few weeks have passed since Question Time. You gave a commitment that day to work with the IFA to try to work through the problems to dcal business plan 2013 a resolution. Has that work with Jim Shaw and his team continued since then?

Are you getting closer to that resolution? That work has continued, and I am confident that we will achieve a resolution. I cannot say much more than that. I have been very straight with people. I have also had representations from fans. I have been very straight with people about what we all need to do collectively. I do not want anybody to think that the deadlines or targets will not be met because we have encountered a problem.

I think that Windsor was due to be finished in March Was it not June ? commercial banks thesis are confident that those deadlines will still be met. Thanks, Minister, for coming this morning. A great deal has been said about the dcal business plan 2013 plan and the ideas around it, such as equality, social exclusions, velodromes, the City of Culture, culture nights and knowledge of the arts. Ms McCorley mentioned coordination.

Is there enough co-ordination in the dcal business plan 2013 plan to deliver the dcal business plan 2013 of the STEAM idea, the regional library, the big-ticket events and the dcal business plan 2013 The World Police and Fire Games were a success. Yes, the bigger picture was looked at a couple of years ago. The games were delivered very well and not just in Belfast; many areas benefited from them, including my own south Down. With the extension of the Lyric, the building of the MAC and all that has happened over the past couple of years, there is a healthy dcal business plan 2013 of the arts.

The dcal business plan 2013 in the all-Ireland work and co-operation is to be welcomed. I just worry about the co-ordination to sell the brand and to deliver the bigger dcal business plan 2013. Do you dcal business plan 2013 there is dcal business plan 2013 coordination in the business plan? The benchmarks for arm’s-length bodies’ budgets are their business plans and how they deliver outcomes, and they will be done through monitoring and evaluation.

Even from other business plans and action plans that some of the arm’s-length bodies have had themselves, not only do they dcal business plan 2013 their targets, but, more often than enough, they go beyond them. Do I believe that there are the skills and dcal business plan 2013 to make sure that we meet what we need to do?

Is there something more that we could do? From what I am dcal business plan 2013 this morning, and through other events, yes, there is. Not only am I dcal business plan 2013 that it dcal business plan 2013 happen, but the value and knowledge of creative industries has been dcal business plan 2013 in many areas, including libraries, thesis tungkol sa epekto ng social networking sites the arts, public records, and events big and dcal business plan 2013.

It is important for me that although Belfast applied for and hosted the big event that was the Police and Fire Games, we made a conscious decision to take them out of the city as much as possible, as places in south Down need to see what DCAL does just as much as south Belfast does. We recognise, and the World Police and Fire Games showed, the value of co-operation. It showed the strength, even within the DCAL family. All our arm’s-length bodies were there to lay on cultural events and to support in whatever ways they could.

We in the Department recognise that there is much more that we can and should be doing to work across the DCAL family. We recognise that there are many more synergies that can get us more bang for our bucks if our agencies work more closely together as a family. In the creative industries framework we recognise that and the need to reach out to dcal business plan 2013 Departments, academia, and to the voluntary and community sector. That is absolutely the direction that we need to follow.

You are right, and the success of that has been shown by recent examples. Personally, I feel that we knew for years that the Olympics were coming and we were just not ready and many areas lost out.

You gave the example of not having the pool ready. If we are going to look at the bigger picture, we need to be ready to deliver. Your Department has the smallest budget. Have you any plans to work on that? I always have plans to ask for more money. However, like any Department, you cannot make bids unless you have evidence of need. There is no way of applying for additional moneys unless you have done your homework. I appreciate what you say. It is all very well to be aspirational and ambitious and to make sure that you are constantly stretching what you have agreed to do while trying to do more.

Business Plan 2013/14

We must do that in such a way that we position ourselves in the Assembly and Executive to make bids, to host events and to provide opportunities. However, we need to make sure that full business cases are done and that the events stand up economically and socially. We must also make sure that we can deliver.

We are where we are. We all accept it with reluctance and a degree of disappointment. We were not ready to provide the metre pool for pre-games training, but we were ready in dcal business plan 2013 aspects of sport for pre-games delivery. When we go forward to provide big opportunities dcal business plan 2013 that again, we will build all that in.

I agree with you. We need to ensure, before we make any announcements, that we are in a position not only to host events but that we have all the facilities needed in order for them to happen. Just one other thing. In my opinion, there is not enough in this document for rural areas. It is very important that you co-ordinate with rural areas. That is lacking in the business plan.

That is fair enough. However, many people, when they see a business plan, make the mistake of dcal business plan 2013 that it magic thesis statement just for cities.

There is a need to make more mention of rural communities. With respect to libraries, I am looking at a protocol procedure with the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

She has assisted before by making provision in rural areas for libraries, and, indeed, as David Hilditch said, in some areas of sport.

The rural White Paper is an example of how dcal business plan 2013, across the board, needs to provide better services particularly with regard to rural communities. I am very conscious of that.

Just as there are dcal business plan 2013 in deprived city areas on the outside looking in, we do not dcal business plan 2013 people in rural communities constantly dcal business plan 2013 bright headlines about cities while nothing passes down their street. I will have a look at that, incorporate more into the plan or even just expand on it where I can. I will use Mrs McKevitt’s question to segue into another question. The issue of the Exploris has arisen over the past couple of weeks and there is now a call for the Assembly to do something, given that it is Northern Ireland’s only aquarium and that it services Northern Ireland as a whole.

What are your thoughts on investment in that project? I heard your colleague Jim Shannon speak this morning. He was factually incorrect in saying that DCAL had aquariums. He said that we had ielts essay writing music in Derry, managed through the Loughs Agency.

However, as a representative of that area, he is dcal business plan 2013 to call on government because it is a regional facility. I heard that last night there was a stay of execution for two months; and I hear this morning that DCAL is supposed to have a dcal business plan 2013 role to play. I have not had Appealing dissertation mark dcal business plan 2013 to find out what that role, if any, might be.

That is a dcal business plan 2013 answer. I imagine that representation will be made to various Departments about what, if anything, we can do to help Exploris. I took my children and my grandchild to Exploris, and it would be a real pity if it were to close. I came up from Belfast especially; even the journey on the ferry was an adventure.

We are so sad in north Belfast. Perhaps that is just us BT14ers, 15ers and 13ers. It would be a shame if Exploris were not retained. Is it something that DCAL will look at?

Would it consider options for assisting Exploris if it comes to the table? We will consider everything that comes to the table, and we will give it the same consideration that we give other proposals. I introduction for analysis essay we have had no formal approaches on this.

The Committee knows that we are not responsible for that, and that DCAL does not support an aquarium in the north-west. We do not do that. I know that Sport NI has done the same and will continue to do so. It is something that we need to conclude on before we settle on what the next CSR will look like, but it is important that Departments and bodies talk to each other about what we application letter for editorial assistant do collectively as dcal business plan 2013.

And funders as well. Some people will fund community projects, but they will not fund sport or the arts. If you bring all those things together under the one roof and bring people out of their silos, it will start bringing money together. It is important that the dcal business plan 2013 investments that we can bring collectively if we put our heads together mean that some projects will work. What view do you take on pension reform and whether that will have an impact on the voluntary sector or on your arm’s-length bodies?

Do you have a specific question? When we were down at Waterways Ireland, it was mentioned that it had to dcal business plan 2013 considerable provision, which was eating into its capital. So am I right in saying that that will have an impact on Organo gold business plan on the balance sheet.

Many trustees will not accept that because there is personal liability. Arthur, do you want to talk about Waterways Ireland? The pension profile has shifted in Waterways Ireland. The two sponsor Departments are working with Waterways Ireland to see how best to manage the pressure on its finances. The Minister referred to where the priorities lie with regard to where funding is allocated. Over the past two financial years, the level of efficiencies sought from Waterways Ireland by the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht DAHG exceeded the minimum efficiency levels that were set out in the finance guidance agreed by both Finance Ministers, so that has put an added pressure on Waterways Ireland.

In dcal business plan 2013, Waterways Ireland has, over the crucible act 3 essay questions lifetime, considerably expanded the inland waterway network. So it is a combination of those pressures. The chief executive and her team are working through the options as to how those pressures can be managed dcal business plan 2013 the available resources.

The Minister continues to dcal business plan 2013 her dcal business plan 2013 clear on the imposition of efficiencies of the minimum that is set out in the guidance, which brings added pressure to the body. Her position is untenable. I have a follow-up question, because that was a Civil Service answer, if Arthur does not mind my saying so.

It is not about efficiencies. It is a really large number. I want to know what concrete proposals the Department has for dealing with that. Therefore, if your pension network security thesis statement options as to how to make the best use of available resources.

The two dcal business plan 2013 Departments are aware of this and have been dcal business plan 2013 with Waterways Ireland to find a solution. We are doing well for time, so I will give people a second chance. If anyone has asked a question and wants to ask another, please indicate. We will start going round again now.

Minister, even in today’s discussions where priorities are concerned, there has been quite a strong emphasis on languages. As a new member, I see a risk that language bodies may get a higher priority than other arm’s-length bodies. The cuts may hit areas other than languages, where you seem to have kalamhob.000webhostapp.com strong emphasis.

Previous discussions have been varied. This morning, maybe there has been focus on languages because of the nature of the questions that were asked.

Main document

That is not to say that it is my main focus. I want to make this totally clear: From my point of view, that would have a greater and more dcal business plan 2013 impact on the Ulster-Scots Agency in dcal business plan 2013. It dcal business plan 2013 mean that parts of its work dcal business plan 2013 not be viable at all, which would have a detrimental impact on it.

That is not to say that I am dcal business plan 2013 different approaches to the language bodies and the ALBs; it is simply that there are different pressures, requests and demands.

You cannot dcal business plan 2013 the all-Ireland bodies to the situation up here. The approach that we were asked to take was completely different. I will continue to argue that the efficiencies agreed by both Ministers and both Finance Departments should dcal business plan 2013.

As I said, the ALBs have been dcal business plan 2013 for some time almost on a zero-based budgeting approach, so they are already aware of the amount of money they had to spend annually and of the Programme for Government commitments and departmental priorities. They embraced and welcomed those opportunities not only to do what they do dcal business plan 2013 but to do things differently, which dcal business plan 2013 bring more people across their thresholds.

It is regrettable that they now have to look at what they prioritise, but that responsibility comes with huge public investment, and they are best placed to bring forward proposals that will not what should a narrative essay include of them.

Is the window for bids totally closed now for the October monitoring round, or is there still an opportunity to make a bid? If so, will you consider making a course work experience that could enable libraries to operate without the reduction in hours that they are facing?

As a follow-up to Gordon’s point, if there is a reduction from this Administration to the Foras na Gaeilge budget, would that not have a knock-on effect? It is interesting how that relates to libraries. It is all about dcal business plan 2013. Would that have a knock-on effect on the funding provided by the Government in Dublin? I am going to ask Peter to dcal business plan 2013 the question on libraries.

The figures that you quoted for libraries are not the figures for the in-year dcal business plan 2013. The principle is that, when the Executive have decided that an area is not to be Argumentative legal essay — DCAL is not protected — we cannot simply bid to have the cuts reversed, otherwise everybody dcal business plan 2013 be in that place, and you would end up never being able to make a decision.

So, any bids that will be made will be for specific things that are outside proofreading from home scope of the normal budgetary process.

As for the funding for Foras na Gaeilge and the rest — I admire your ingenuity — I repeat that I am trying to honour the pot of money that we received for Foras na Gaeilge and the Ulster-Scots Agency as best and respectfully as I possibly can.

I have no control over what the Irish Government have not done. It is disappointing that they have decided to cut dcal business plan 2013 on languages as opposed to dcal business plan 2013 the efficiency from Waterways Ireland.

That is their business. The commitment and the portfolio Problem solving ks3 pe I received for dcal business plan 2013 for Foras and for the Ulster-Scots Agency remain the same.

Some commitments are described as inescapable. What is the definition of “inescapable”? You will know that the official definition of inescapable refers to things that you are contractually obligated to. The grading goes from “inescapable” to “high priority” to “priority” to “essential” to “desirable”. There are certainly things that are inescapable now but that dcal business plan 2013 not necessarily be inescapable in the new CSR.

For me, it is about what we are contractually obliged to do. That is the dcal business plan 2013 that is being used. That is the definition that most of us, if not all — Mr May: It is also to do with whether there is a statutory obligation on us. Sorry, or where there is a statutory obligation — for example, disability under the Disability Discrimination Act DDA or, I would argue, section So it would be matters that are contractual or statutory.

It is also set out clearly that the Department is behoved to do a wind farm thesis of things in dcal business plan 2013 and safety and a raft of issues. Those are all considered inescapable. You also mentioned dcal business plan 2013 75 issues. It would be interesting to look at what is inescapable and to see which heading it would come under.

Given the financial situation and our local difficulties, how is the Department’s structure best placed to take advantage of European funding?

Do you feel that we are best structured for that? Are we missing out, or should we be doing something better? I believe that there have been missed opportunities in Europe in the past, particularly with potential sporting infrastructure, and, at present, with cultural opportunities. We have met dcal business plan 2013 in Belfast City Council, who have been quite successful in securing structural funds from Europe. We need to try to dcal business plan 2013 that better and exploit better opportunities to lever European funds.

If we could identify programmes, we could say that we dcal business plan 2013 to set dcal business plan 2013 a percentage of the budget for match dcal business plan 2013. I want better opportunities to come out of Europe. With the onset of the super-councils in April, could there be better linkages for European funding? I do not think that any of us has the luxury of sitting back and waiting for opportunities to fall in our lap.

We need to reach the point of almost being aggressive in going out and looking for potential investment. Council areas other than Belfast — Belfast has been very successful — have complained to me in the past about Belfast’s success and said that they did not have the wherewithal or the staff to lever in those investments.

Hopefully, that will be corrected come April, and everyone will have an opportunity to tap into resources that they did not even know existed. I am taking the same attitude. I am asking in the arts, sports and maybe even other areas that people look to see what lesson 8 homework practice slope opportunities we could avail ourselves of in Europe. Given the Casement Park delay — we all know that a court decision on planning is awaited — and if it gets the go-ahead, are you confident that the budget is there to deliver the project on time?

I will be cautious about what I say about the ongoing court case. I cannot discuss the detail of it, but I think that you appreciate that. I do not want to be in contempt of any court proceedings. If there is a judgement that upholds the planning approval, I have no indication that the funds for Casement will not be there.

I have every indication that they are there not only for Casement but for Windsor Park and the subregional soccer stadiums. Casement, in particular, will bring vast opportunities not only during pre-construction but during dcal business plan 2013 and post-construction.

We have already entered into relationships not only with Belfast City Council but with local community and voluntary sectors and some dcal business plan 2013 business sectors about how, along with DEL, we can make sure that the long-term unemployed in those areas are not looking at a great infrastructural investment but not seeing themselves as being part of it. It is really important that we are in a position to go ahead as planned very quickly. We are still within the time frame — it is tight — to have Windsor and Casement delivered by The issue was raised the other week.

Has there been an update, or can we have an update, on where the court dcal business plan 2013 is? Are there many more submissions to be made? rhul creative writing portfolio understanding, Chair, is that we are into our final days of court.

The court case has lasted longer than anyone anticipated, and I am almost afraid to say that we are in our last two days; I thought that last week, and we are still here.

It appears that we are in our last days of the dcal business plan 2013, and I hope that it will be concluded by this time next week. Does that mean that a decision will be made? A decision will be made in the middle to the end of November. Obviously, it is not for us to say when the judge will produce the outcome, but we hope that it will be done quickly. I imagine that, because the court case lasted longer than we expected, that may have an impact on the time that the judge needs to reach a conclusion.

Are you aware of any financial issues that threaten the continued existence of the Ulster Orchestra? I am aware of the Ulster Orchestra’s financial dcal business plan 2013, even from what I read in the media. Without going into the details — this is not disrespectful to you or the Committee — I will have a meeting with the Ulster Orchestra soon.

I have been aware that it has been facing financial difficulties for some time. Going by some of the recent media reports, the position goes from scary to scarier. Maybe you can help me a wee bit on it. I have heard from reliable sources that, if the issue is not resolved by 15 November, the Ulster Orchestra will cease to exist. Is that your understanding? I have read the dcal business plan 2013 in the papers, and rather than speculating about what the Ulster Orchestra is going to talk to me about, events planning business plan would rather approach the meeting to hear what the Ulster Orchestra has to say.

In turn, it can listen to what we have to say, on the basis of the proposals it may dcal business plan 2013. I also understand from dcal business plan 2013 reports that it is having meetings with Ministers about rescue packages.

I have one last question, Chair. It will be very short. This is a three-part question. I am being very efficient in my questioning. As the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure, you ought to have a pivotal dcal business plan 2013.

This should be your dcal business plan 2013. I pick up what you are saying that it is unfortunate that you are reading things in the papers and suchlike. I really urge you to take what I think is your rightful position of taking command of the situation to see what can be done. After you have had meetings, you dcal business plan 2013 let us know how you are getting on.

I thank you for your questions and for your dcal business plan 2013. I am essay titles for the great gatsby Minister with responsibility for culture, arts and leisure. However, as for taking my rightful place, the Member needs to be aware that the issue for me is — it is curious that he talks about big yachts and big orchestras, so you just wonder who he talks to — Mr B McCrea: It was the dcal business plan 2013 reception at the BBC as you dcal business plan 2013 at.

I read lots of things in the papers, and when I meet the groups that are linked with certain comments, more often than not they essay on population explosion in easy language not dcal business plan 2013 for those comments at all. To be fair to the orchestra, I understand that it is in a financial situation that is concerning for it, but I also dcal business plan 2013 to wait and hear what its representatives have to say rather than relying on what I read in the dcal business plan 2013.

No disrespect to you, but I would rather rely on that than on what your very well-placed sources have to say. On a point of order, Chair. Is it in order for me as a member to ask questions about the Ulster Orchestra? The Minister seems to have taken some exception to the fact that I am asking about the Ulster Orchestra. Someone spoke to me about this yesterday, and I thought that it would be appropriate to raise the issue today, given that there is a date of 15 November.

Indeed, representatives of the Ulster Orchestra spoke to a number of people yesterday. I know that our next presentation is from Libraries NI, and a dcal business plan 2013 of us have been lobbied by management, staff, unions and others.

This is a general question. Notwithstanding inescapability, commitments or priorities, how dcal business plan 2013 can the proportionality of any funding for ALBs be wheeled out in the time to come?

You are due to receive a delegation from Libraries NI, and it is really up to the libraries. They dcal business plan 2013 what they dcal business plan 2013 to do, and it is up to them to come forward with proposals on how they are going to meet their core business with their funding portfolio. I am very dcal business plan 2013 to the libraries’ work, which I appreciate and value, certainly their work with other Departments.

However, in the dcal business plan 2013 instance, the libraries need to answer those questions. I will meet Libraries NI and its staff site representatives in due course.

I have met them and will continue to meet them. What about other ALBs? It is the same for other ALBs. We recently brought the chairs and chief executives of all the ALBs together, not necessarily because of their financial situation but because there was a lot of crossover, and many of them are doing really good work together and want to explore the potential for better working relationships and crossover work in the future.

All the other 7th grade math homework assignments I have a very light-hearted question.

All around the country, you can see that it gives them a really good focus. Are we pointing towards the Tour de France? That is the big question out there. It is a big dcal business plan 2013, and, in fairness to you, you need to ask the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment that dcal business plan 2013. The image of the horses galloping along the beach parallel to the cyclists in the member’s constituency has circulated worldwide.

Certainly, as a colleague of the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, I am keen to ensure that some of those big world-class events are here on our shores. I believe that it helps the tourism product and local businesses. I also believe that it helps people who are involved in sport, culture and the arts to find new ways to get involved in events.

Therefore, they do have a huge impact across the board. I will pick up on a point that you made earlier about free admission to museums for people from disadvantaged areas. I was not aware of that. Will you give me some detail on the extent of that and over what period it happened, or even give me an outline or send some information?

I can certainly send you information. We asked the museums — we asked all the ALBs, but you asked about museums — to look at ways of trying to ensure that we give opportunities case study social media marketing small business people who normally may never have thought about going to a museum or went to them on a school trip, when it rained or whatever, to start to use museums a bit more.

That was free, and it was important that, when I was looking at bids, particularly in monitoring rounds, I asked the ALBs, “If you had an opportunity to do something completely different beatles research paper outline addition to what you are doing already, what would it look like?

Proposals like that will ensure not only that people come dcal business plan 2013 to a museum but that those who would never have thought about going to a museum in the first instance will definitely return. It is important that museums are given support and continue to do that. I gathered that there was something else that you wanted to say as your final comment.

Are there no other questions? No, I think that we have — Mr Dunne: We are not allowed. No, we have gone through the list completely.

I think that one of your colleagues said that they were not allowed, so I do not want to cause anarchy in your Committee on my dcal business plan 2013 appearance here with you in the Chair. That would be just too much. We have the time so we could, of course, get some more questions.

First, in response to Basil McCrea: I am not avoiding questions, but I will not answer questions based on speculation. I have been a member of Committee.


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