Rishi Kapoor: Non-actors are not going to survive

After making his debut with the blockbuster teen romance ‘Bobby’, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor says that now has the liberty to explore his characters and is no longer categorized in an image.

The 65-year-old actor has mostly played the romantic hero during his adolescence, has translated in strong character roles, be it the lovable school teacher of ‘Do Dooni Chaar’, the merciless human trafficker of ‘Agneepath’ or the grumpy 70-year-old son of a centenarian father in his new film ‘102 Not Out’.

“I always try to be different and play varied kind of characters. I am not stagnating in one kind of an image. I am an actor who is doing his job. I am not making a career for myself. What safe (roles) can character actors play? They don’t matter at all,” Kapoor told.

The actor believes content has become the king in cinema today, which he says is a wonderful sign for both the industry and audience. “Those hackneyed plots are not going to be accepted. It is a healthy thing that actors of my age are getting work today. I am not a young actor. People want to see different kind of films, they are fed up of seeing same formula,” he says.
“This is the era of actors now, non-actors are not going to survive. They maybe there for one or two films but if you are not competent enough you cannot survive,” he added.

The actor says he will not sign a film if it does not offer something new and challenging.
“I want the role to excite me and I must feel passionate about doing the film. I will not do a run of the mill kind of a film or role. I will not say yes to that. Also, I will not do a film for money.”

Kapoor says it is always a privilege to work with Amitabh Bachchan, who he has reunited with after 27 years. “Mr Bachchan is a very loved and senior actor… He is the commanding superstar of our industry. And a wonderful actor and colleague to work with.”

The two started working together more than 40 years ago in ‘Kabhi Kabhie’ and the last film they did together was ‘Ajooba’ 27 years ago, he said.

Kapoor calls himself a ‘student of cinema’ who is always learning something, either from older or junior actors.

“I picked up lot of things when I worked with Amit ji. The way he romances his role, the way he flirts with his role and gets into the character that is something I observed.
“He lives the character when he is working in that film. It is tremendous. I appreciate that he gives so much of his best even at this age.”

The comedy-drama film, ‘102 Not Out’ released today.

Pooja Bawa

Pooja Bawa

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