Padmaavat actor Jim Sarbh jokes on ‘rape’, Kangana laughs

Bollywood Actor Kangana Ranaut is known to be one the most vocal feminists in the industry and she never fears expressing her opinions against any insensitive comment.  We still remember she was one of the few actors who chose to criticize Salman Khan’s statement when he compared his physical training for his film, ‘Sultan’, to being raped.

The Padmaavat star Jim Sarbh and Kangana Ranaut along with other B-town celebrities attended the Cannes Film Festival 2018. Jim Sarbh’s comments sparked controversy; the actor happened to crack a joke about rape, while Kangana, who has identified herself as a feminist on many occasions in the past, laughed.

A video from an event from the Cannes Film Festival 2018 which grabbed people’s attention. If you have a look at the video below, you can see Jim making ‘rape’ jokes while others around seem to be completely okay laughing on those jokes. Jim said, “I’d rather be raped by 12 prostitutes than touch alcohol and the Punjabi says ‘Me too, I didn’t know that was an option’.”

This came as offensive to many and hence, they took to social media to criticize the two for their unruly subject of the joke.

Explaining the context of the joke, the actor in a statement to a leading daily said, “First of all, I understand the environment we live in just now, in light of recent events, but more frankly, in light of events going on since the beginning of human consciousness, rape is a deadly serious issue. I treat it as such.”

“The joke that I made is about a Priest blowing a very casual question completely out of proportion, condemning alcohol, prostitutes, and rape all simultaneously. The Punjabi (or whichever ethnicity, depending on the audience) responds to the situation by consenting to it and expressing his sexual proclivities. I personally do not find it to be about a desire to rape, or to inflict sexual violence upon another, but a subversive and comedic response to an extremely volatile sentence,” Jim said.

“I did not intend to hurt anybody, and I certainly do not consider actual sexual or physical violence funny,” he added.

Pooja Bawa

Pooja Bawa

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